Vocational Training at Saksham Resource Centre

Children who are unable to cope with formal education as a result of their low IQ are given vocational training. They receive functional knowledge of Mathematics, Science, and Social Sciences through the vocational training they receive. For instance, they learn maths while they sort shapes, count and string beads to make jewelry. They learn about the nutritional values of food, weights, proportions, learn to identify different vegetables, fruits, spices when they learn to prepare food items. They learn about their social environment when they go shopping, visit the post office, places of worship; go on a metro ride, etc. They are also trained in money transaction while running a mobile canteen at our centre. The strength and preference of the children are assessed and they are trained in making paper bags, gift envelopes, jewelry, decorative pieces involving threading beads, etc. Some girls show a preference towards household activities like cooking, cleaning, washing, managing stock for the canteen. All these training and exposure prepares them for their future life. As the children reach the threshold of upper age limit criteria of Saksham a transition plan is prepared for these children based on the interest and skill of the child. Some are sent for training or internship in places based on their area of interest and expertise while others receive in-house training at Saksham itself. After their training or internship, they are helped to set up a mode of earning and improving their skill set.

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