Audio Description- My first experience

Do you remember listening to the bedtime stories by your mom, dad or grandparents? I remember my dad narrating those stories to me, I used to close my eyes and visualize whatever he narrates to me.

Audio description is basically narrating the story to persons with visual impairment. The narration translates images or other visual information or non-dialogue portions of film into spoken words so that people who are blind or visually impaired can access, enjoy and learn from works of popular cultural and educational importance. The original track is paused and audio description is inserted between dialogues of the movie.

The narration helps a blind person to get connected with the story, he or she can easily catch the pace of the movie and understands even the silent or non-dialogue portions of it.

Recently, when I attended the screening of an audio described movie, it did remind me of those moments I and my dad spend together, it reminded me of how much I used to depend on his narration and visualize his words. Yes, for me it was going back to my childhood but for someone, it can be a way to get an access to the cinema.

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