Audio Description- My first experience

Do you remember listening to the bedtime stories by your mom, dad or grandparents? I remember my dad narrating those stories to me, I used to close my eyes and visualize whatever he narrates to me. Audio description is basically narrating the story to persons with visual impairment. The narration translates images or other visual informationContinue reading “Audio Description- My first experience”

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting advocates for making cinema inclusive

Saksham Trust and with very valuable support from SAPIENT, The Directorate of Film Festivals, is organizing the screening of popular Bollywood film ‘Sholay’ with audio-description, subtitles, and supported by sign-language interpretation. The audio description feature, when combined with subtitles, enhances the abilities of a person with visual and/or hearing impairment to experience and connect withContinue reading “Ministry of Information and Broadcasting advocates for making cinema inclusive”