Children with multiple disabilities need special training, support in education needs special care. Special educators have required speech therapist, teachers for special education, occupational therapist, transportation facility, assistance, functional assessment, speech therapy, physiotherapy, parent counselling, computer literacy, etc. Saksham school in Noida provides all these special assistance to blind, visually impaired child or any disabledContinue reading “EDUCATING CHILDREN WITH MULTIPLE DISABILITIES AT SAKSHAM SCHOOL”

Technologies for elderly blind

Vision loss among the elderly population is a major health problem. According to the Journal of American Family Physician (Vol. 60/No. 1), approximately one person in three has some form of vision-reducing eye disease by the age of 65 In U.S.A. The prevalence of visual impairment among the elderly is much higher in developing countriesContinue reading “Technologies for elderly blind”

Audio described movies

A large number of people are usually found asking some questions to visually impaired, how do you eat? Will you be able to climb the stairs? Some are found showing the hand gestures to blind persons and expect to receive replies.  It is so strange to sometimes understand the human mind and intellectual levels inContinue reading “Audio described movies”