Paytm Vs G Pay

Paytm or Google Pay- Which one is more accessible?

A comparative analysis of all the apps recently developed for money transaction. Over a decade, we get to see the remarkable progress made, which has increased the worth of a smartphone in manifolds. The best part of these apps is that, every individual regardless of his or her disability can access and perform their mundane task in the same way a sighted or an abled person does. Over a period apps like Paytm, Google Pay, Phone Pay and many more apps for money transfer have been designed. In this article, I will be drawing a comparison between the apps mentioned above. The aspect which would be closely analysed is accessibility.

After discussing with several visually impaired users, I realized that Google pay is most accessible on android and I Phones. However, apps like Paytm still needs immense development for making it entirely accessible for a low vision and a visually impaired person. The features like adding money to wallet, sending and receiving money, recharging mobile phones and bill payments are not that easy on Paytm.

Scratching reward coupons, is one feature which is not accessible in Google Pay that hinders  our complete independence on a sighted person while using the app.

Keeping in mind the issue addressed in this article, I would enlist some of the features missing on Paytm but on google pay all these are accessible for visually impaired.

Checking once account’s balance can easily be done by google pay, whereas it is not possible by Paytm as the buttons are not properly labelled.

The features that can make this app better and accessible are: labelling all the buttons, a menu guiding for the procedure to be followed for adding money to the wallet.

In the end, I would like to thank all the developers, for making an attempt of designing accessible apps for us.


Pinky Singh




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