Some great personalities with Visual Impairment

The man who gave us the laws of inertia, falling bodies and parabolic trajectories had imbibed his vision with a golden feather. Galileo Galilei, an astronomer, and mathematician, who gave us the fundamental laws of physics and astronomy, turned the tide in his way and made brief inventions of his time. Galileo was the first person to use the instrument, we now commonly refer to as the telescope, for astronomical observations. He was one of the first person to observe and state that the Moon is not blemish free and that it has a lot of hills and craters and other uneven features on its surface. However, destiny had some ‘different’ vision for him. Galileo turned blind almost a quarter century later, at the age of 72 and the most probable cause was cataract and glaucoma. Incidentally, even after losing one eye due to cataract he took excellent observations of the Moon and discovered the lunar liberation phenomenon. Galileo did observe the Sun using his telescope but did so when the Sun was almost on the horizon at sunrise and sunset. Courageously continuing with his astronomical research and with a firm refusal to look back, Galileo used the projection technique after initially observing at sunrise and sunset. Solar observation is indeed very dangerous if not carried under extreme care and expert supervision. It will cause blindness if care is not taken, but as far as Galileo goes, he was smart and careful enough and continued to study the law of falling bodies and parabolic path of projectiles.

Jhonny Depp wearing a pair of glasses.

 “Everything is just very, very blurry”. Yes, our very own Captain Jack admitted that. Johnny Depp aka Captain Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean and Alice in Wonderland fame admitted that he’s blind in his left eye and near-sighted in his right. If Depp isn’t wearing glasses while acting he can only see a few inches in front of him. Something fans may have never realized until now. But what we can clearly see is his playful career ambitions and the perseverance with which he nails every role. The Golden Globe Award winner is leading us with an inspirational example to follow and firmly believes that it’s our psychological strength to look up for challenges, to do new and ‘different’ things. Putting forth your best step already makes you a winner. For now, he continues to be the creative and brilliant actor who has starred in such memorable films like Pirates of the Caribbean and Edward Scissorhands. But tackling his challenges with sight throughout his acting career is nothing compared to “The Lone Ranger” stars battle for normalcy. However, his determination and strength put in a right direction helped him in becoming what he is.

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Upasana Nagar 

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Saksham Trust is a not - for - profit organisation, established in 2003. The sole aim of the trust is to empower persons belonging to this marginalised section of society through a variety of strategies. India has more than 14 million persons with blindness and low vision and above 70 million persons who cannot read normal print due to some sort of disability. A range of services needed to be provided to such persons for their social and economic mainstream into society. Saksham is guided by the Vision of a sensitised and motivated society that acknowledges the value of interdependence and appreciates the abilities of persons with blindness and multiple disabilities and willingly provides equal opportunities for all.

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