The difference that Music can bring about in children with multiple disabilities

Vihaan (name changed) has been attending the Infant to Toddler Unit at Saksham from July 2016. He was three year when he came to us. He is an expressive, social and happy kid. Some of his challenges were when he joined Saksham were lack of speech, lack of independent sitting, visual processing disorders, absence of swallowing and gulping. He was tactile defensive. He would resist touching wet and a variety of surfaces and objects.

Today, 4-year-old Vihaan vocalizes and babbles to communicate, sits independently and successfully swallows semi solid foods. Vihan is also able to fix his gaze at objects, tracks moving objects and has developed satisfactory eye hand coordination. He plays with a variety of toys having different textures. The team at Infant to Toddler has consistently worked in overcoming Vihaan’s challenges.

What really worked for Vihaan was MUSIC.  We started giving him music therapy since he joined and included music in most of his sessions. It was through this planned music program we were able to achieve the goals and targets set for Vihaan.  Vihaan never used his left hand before and now he is making great attempts in using his left hand. He is now performing activities that require the use of both the hands.

Saksham’s Infant to Toddler program is a family support program where services are provided to children with visual impairment, low vision; severe multiple disabilities and deaf blindness in the age group of 0-4 and till toddler.


Supriya Das 

Program Coordinator



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