The Best Things in Life are priceless- An Intern’s Journey in SAKSHAM

The first look by a juvenile

My first step into the office was filled with loads of nervousness as this was my first ever professional fellowship. Each of them was busy working and after a while, I was introduced to my mentor. She explained me the brief work which I was supposed to do. Further, I got introduced to the team, I could see 6 people who were visually impaired. I didn’t think much about the kind of work they did, but now I can say, it’s nearly impossible to run this NGO without their help!

Think of a day where you lost your sight! Scary? Probably No!

Sometimes in past, there was a thought in my mind that if I go blind, how will I watch YouTube videos, facebook, how will I walk, read, learn, apply. How will I plan and follow my daily routine? Each hour will be a night for me! Aren’t you feeling amazed? Think it over once that how difficult you think the life of a visually impaired person can become? I used to believe that life will almost end and I will have to be dependent on others for everything. You probably must be thinking the same, but, I am glad to say now that, even if I at some time go blind, I will survive! It was a difficult thought earlier but it would be easy for me now.

If you want to eradicate poverty, make people work for them instead of helping them throughout.

The main motto of Saksham is to provide and help visually impaired people with new and innovative technologies which empower them and make them self-dependent. This is something which I personally always strive for. Helping and taking care of underprivileged is not the way we can eradicate poverty, rather, make them work for themselves, you just need to show them a way, not walk with them at each stage.

I never could have imagined that people with blindness can even operate mobile or laptops if I weren’t here and didn’t spend time with them. Each one of them here is so efficient, so confident, filled with enthusiasm, that every day I walk into the office, I walk in with pride and it gives me a special feeling to be a part of this change!

The reason for my being here: The work!

I was assigned the work to handle social media where I was needed to promote what Saksham is, what Saksham does. The main idea for this was to reach out to a maximum number of people throughout India, telling them about the different products for visually impaired that Saksham offers and helping each and every people through the channel of online social media.  I used to assist the team with various platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blog, LinkedIn, YouTube and Whatsapp.

I don’t know how I got so lucky to have such a wonderful understanding mentor. I feel privileged working under her guidance, the constant support was even boosted with the help of super extra cooperative team members.

All my ideas, initiatives, plans were listened properly, was thought upon by the team and most of them got approved also. I am grateful to the team for hearing me out at each stage (sometimes, even through my most lame ideas) but trust me, it gives you loads and loads of confidence and helps you become proactive in your work. Each day was a thrilling experience and this gave me a confidence to work more (sometimes till 7:30 pm) and to never get tired. I tried my best to never put them down (hope, I was a bit successful), and every applauds from the team, trust me was overwhelming and was many a time emotional. What a great team work going on here, each one eats lunch together, which grew my bonding to the entire Saksham’s team. The atmosphere, the spirit, the energy, the sense of respect for the work, all of this charged me up daily and helped to work, not because I had to because I wanted to. I hope to work with the same togetherness in my future endeavors, but, the cap is set very high!

An eye opener!

I was planning for posts on Facebook with the team members and suddenly an idea struck me to use radio more often than Facebook because of obvious reasons that how a visually impaired will see, the best will be if they can hear it. Seemed reasonably correct to me then, but suddenly someone got a bit angry and said don’t you know that almost 80% of visually impaired people use Facebook and enjoy browsing it (he was one of them using it every day in spite of being completely blind). I was again amazed by this, then they showed how they disrupted each activity on social media and use it to connect to the world. He said to use Whatsapp, Facebook to connect with him when not reachable through the call. I was speechless here, and that gave me a thought that poor of us to think of them like that. This incident really opened my eye and from then on, I got to see a whole new world with a new eye, the blind eye!!

The proud feeling 🙂

Each and every person who comes for training, or help regarding any product, or even any query on telephone, I can now bet that no one explain these better than who have been there.

How much time do you think it takes to plan, shoot and edit a 2 min 44-second video? Something in days? I did it in 2 hours, just because of the cast of the video, also blind by birth, understood each and every bit that I required and followed exactly the same. My first ever video was super successful, liked my many and was very much appreciated. Thanks again to him for building in me the confidence.

We got a chance to visit another employee’s house, also blind, and shoot a video. We saw him managing his family so smoothly, taking care of his child, his wife, and mother without even a glitch. We had a great time shooting his video and his thanks to his cooperation that even after so many retakes (because of his naughty child), he had a big broad smile on his face.

I still wonder that how a person blind by birth know how to smile if he hasn’t seen one. Still unanswered!

Next, we went to another home where both, husband and wife were blind. I got a great opportunity to live their life by spending a very good time with them, and in the afternoon having lunch prepared by the wife (still brings water to my mouth). I was observing and was amazed to see how perfectly she washed rice, cut vegetables, boiled rice, prepared dal and then served it. It still gives me goosebumps, and I really am super proud of them.

Keep yourself updated, as I definitely will

Stay connected to Saksham on various platforms and have a great time




Whatsapp: +91-92666 26368


A vote of thanks!

Thanks! Thankyou so much to each and every person in the office, my journey wouldn’t have been this amazing without them. I always heard that “Team is the greatest strength for an organization to grow, thankfully, I got to see one (I am definitely gonna implement it in my organization). Special thanks to YES Foundation which gave me this opportunity to connect with them. I wish each and every member connected in any manner that they achieve tons and tons of success (Wish same for me, haha) and have a healthy life ahead. I am definitely gonna miss this journey, and these 7 weeks will definitely be included in my autobiography (:P) in golden words!!

Samyak Jain 

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